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Mwaves is an independent marine warranty and offshore engineering company providing an extensive range of specialist consultancy services to organisations around the world involved in marine and offshore technical projects.

Our team of expert consultants works closely with energy companies, offshore and marine contractors, underwriters, insurance brokers and freight forwarders, to deliver tailor-made marine warranty and verification services.

The Mwaves’ philosophy is based simply upon delivering exceptional service to our clients at a competitive price, using the diverse skill-set and successful track–record of our team of specialist consultants. Our professional engineers and master mariners have many years experience in all relevant fields including oil and gas and offshore wind farm development and removal, both in the North Sea and around the globe.

Based in the City of London, close to the Lloyds insurance market and in the Energy capital of Aberdeen, within easy reach of several international airports, Mwaves is ideally placed to meet the needs of clients in the UK and overseas.